What We Do

Nutrafeed provides a wide range of innovative waste management (including recycling and reuse) and by-product management services for the food and drink industry. Nutrafeed provide nationwide single or multi-site support, applying its wealth of knowledge and experience to design truly bespoke systems which: employ innovative processing equipment; are serviced by our sizeable fleet; and are backed by our comprehensive materials recovery facilities.

Working with some of the UK’s leading food manufacturers, brewers, food suppliers and supermarkets Nutrafeed design and manage money-saving, bespoke waste recycling for all waste types, including food waste services.  Nutrafeed also ensure that the use of by-products from food and drink manufacture, including food products not designated to a customer, are optimised by  reuse, recycling or use in energy recovery.

Nutrafeed works nationwide to help its clients achieve zero landfill by taking a fresh look at their operations and delivering tailored systems for eliminating landfill, managing food waste and creating a collection of resources. By improving environmental performance substantial financial savings can be achieved.

Our Mission

By developing cutting edge recycling systems and technology Nutrafeed eliminates the landfilling of a wide range of commodities including food waste which help food and drink industry clients save money by achieving Zero Landfill Zone status.

Nutrafeed’s objective is to contribute to the success of its clients’ businesses through effective management of their manufacturing by-products and non-designated food products to deliver financial and environmental benefits.

Nutrafeed offer a wide range of services for managing all waste types, including food waste, to deliver Zero Landfill Zone status and:

  • Increase your profit by cutting out landfill costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Improve your working environment

Our Accerditations

Carbon footprint

Nutrafeed has achieved the Carbon Footprint Approved Service Mark.  The Mark is an independent verification that Nutrafeed’s initiatives to eliminate landfill really does help participating organisations to reduce their carbon footprint.


Nutrafeed is audited and certified through FEMAS, the feed materials assurance scheme.  This internationally recognised system of independent certification is a requirement for recycling food into animal feed.

Quality Standards

Nutrafeed has achieved and maintains important quality standards throughout its operations.

Zero Landfill Zone

Zero Landfill Zone is a new standard, which Nutrafeed have introduced for its clients.

Nutrafeed’s Zero Landfill Zone badge is a visible symbol of achievement for food and drink industry businesses.  It confirms that the business takes their responsibility for protecting the environment seriously and have invested in eliminating landfill and food waste through innovative recovery processes.